Information, education & communication
Based on the Projects communication strategy, the IEC subcomponent is aimed at achieving awareness about the project, access to information, terms of participation and overall transparency among all the stakeholders.

Local-level capacity building
This includes direct support to beneficiaries including capacity building of PRIs and other local village level institutions to plan, implement and maintain watershed treatment. This also includes forming and strengthening Self-help Groups, Common Activity Groups, user groups etc., and their federations.

Human resource development
This includes personnel management and strengthening the capacity of the project implementing agencies through meetings, workshops, trainings, and exposure visits.

Knowledge management
This includes an integrated information and knowledge system for effective project implementation, physical and financial monitoring, assessment and monitoring of social and environmental indicators, and Project evaluation.

Harmonization of watershed approaches
This addresses the secondary development objective, and is aimed to strengthening Natural Resource Management Society for harmonizing Natural Resource Management projects and policies in accordance with best practices.
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